Hours of Opening:

Monday (collections, cash only) 10:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday (collections & booking in) 10:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday (booking in, by appointment only) Closed for admin
Thursday Closed for admin

Friday (Viewing day)

Auction of Outdoor Goods

10:00am - 6:00pm

6.00pm to 9.30pm

Saturday (Auction from 10am) 9:00am - Auction Finish
Sunday Closed


Here we have outlined all the information you will require to understand how to buy at auction. If however you have any further queries please e-mail, telephone us or use the contact page and our staff will be able to help you.



Our viewing times can be found on the Calendar page. Our members of staff are on hand during viewing in the saleroom to help with inquiries about the sale and specific lots. Please note that when handling any item at the view you do so at your own risk.

All clients should satisfy themselves of both condition and descriptions. Any measurements and weights may be approximate. Any changes to the lots will be displayed in the Saleroom in a Saleroom notice and will be announced prior to the lot being sold.

Our Auction Lots can be viewed on the Friday before the sale and at 10 am to 11 am on the Saturday when the Sale Starts.


Registering At Auction

If you are attending the sale and wish to bid you should register at the office and will receive a bidders number before the start of the sale. This number should be held up when bidding and paying. Registration is carried out on the day of the sale only. Previous bidders can use their old number. NO BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A BIDDER NUMBER. Also if you wish to submit lots you will need to register for a vendors number, this can be done when you submit your lots.


Proxy & Telephone Bidding

Phone Bids

Phone bids are handled by members of our firm who bid on your behalf. The number of phone bidders is limited to the number of telephone lines at our facilities. If you need to make arrangements to Phone Bid, please realize it is "first come, first serve."

Arrangements to Phone Bid must be made in advance of the auction and will not be accepted the day of the auction. The Telephone / Proxy bidding for must be completed and returned to us by 11 am on the Friday before the auction.

Phone/Proxy can placed from any lot page on this website. 

Be sure to withdraw any Proxy bids on an item if you plan to Phone Bid on the item.

Condition reports requested / received by phone are described to the best of our ability.

The Phone Bid Schedule is closed 1 business day before the auction. All Phone bidders are contacted to confirm their intention to bid by phone.

All Phone Bids are conducted as a convenience and performed to the best of our ability but are not guaranteed.


Proxy Bids

Proxy bids are handled by a member of our firm who is seated in the audience and who bids on your behalf up to the amount you have specified on your bid form. We do not open the bidding with your bid. If two Proxy bids are received in the same amount on the same item, the first one received will take precedence.

On occasion, depending on how the bidding falls, an item may sell to someone in the audience for the exact amount that you specified as your limit. If you are concerned about this happening and do not want to lose the item, we will accept your bid with a plus one bid option, or other instructions as indicated by you, the bidder.

If you have left a Proxy bid, and find that you are able to attend the sale, please notify the cashier's desk, so that your Proxy bids can be cancelled

Proxy & Telephone Bidding conditions click here


For full buying and selling conditions please refer to our full Auction Terms